Managing principals

Moshe Melamed

          As President of MB Property Group LLC, Moshe Melamed is dependable for expanding and training junior advisers on strategies and techniques needed to successfully broker transactions. His primary focus is on commercial properties throughout the tri-state area. Due to his hands on experience with rentals, management, development and acquisitions he can grasp many aspects of the real estate market and transactions.

           Mr. Melamed started his real estate career at the age of 18. During that time he also attended Hunter College where he was awarded a B.A in Psychology. He is highly dedicated to serving his clientele and building life long relationships with each and every one of them. He is known as one of the most skilled and trustworthy individuals by many of his clients. His capitalist strength’s and flexibilities allow him to always be ready to adapt to change and grow, making him one of the most successful brokers throughout the five boroughs.

           Mr. Melamed currently resides in Port Washington, NY. He is currently a part of many religious affiliations and charities close by to home.

T: 212.714.3556 


Alan Boutehsaz

Alan Boutehsaz is one of the Co-founders and Chairmen of MB Property Group LLC. Prior to Mr. Boutehsaz’s venture in the real estate market he was involved in the family jewelry business on 47TH Street, in the Diamond District of NYC. After doing extensive research in the real estate field and consulting with landlords as well as real estate moguls he realized the career he wanted to pursue.

          Mr.Boutehsaz started his real estate career in his late teens. He worked various sides of the market such as acquisitions, rentals, leasing, management and sales that has given him the knowledge needed to be the successful broker he is today. Mr.Boutehsaz concentrates in the acquisition and disposition of investment grade properties throughout the New York Metropolitan area as well as regionally and nationally. He has a wide range of expertise in selling apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, land development and retail throughout Manhattan and the other Boroughs. He is very committed to all his clients and makes it a priority to build a close relationship to them. He succeeds on complex challenges and always makes sure to have a positive outlook on any obstacle that comes his way.

           Mr.Boutehsaz was awarded his B.A in Economics and Honors in the Business and Liberal Arts (BALA) program from Queens College. He currently resides in Great Neck, NY, Were he is involved with various organizations and youth community programs.

“The most valuable Commodity I know of is Information.” -Gordon Gekko Wall Street 1987

T: 212.714.3509


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